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六年级英语Lesson 17 Ilike all seasons教学设计

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Lesson 17 Ilike all seasons教学设计



1.常识与技能目标:学生能听懂、会说、认读并书写下列单词:why festival swim sea  

会说、会写下列短语:make snowman SpringFestival swim in the sea  summer holidays    

认读、理解并运用下列句子: What is yourfavorite season?/My favorite season is…/ Why? / Because I like ...     



二、重点掌握句子What is your favorite season?和“why”的用法。

三、难点Why?  /Because I like …

四、教具学具准备     录音机,词汇卡片 En5等。


1. Classopening and review      

T: Hello, boys and girls. Before our new class, Let’s listen toa song. and then answer my questions.

T:How’s the weather today?

S:It’s cold /sunny/windy/cloudy.

T: Now, I have some questions. How manyseasons are there in a year?


T:And do you like all seasons? Can you tell me? Now let’s begin our newclass.  Lesson 17 I like All Seasons.

2. NewConcepts   

(1)T: Can you speak some features aboutevery season?

S:In spring…, in summer…, inwinter… , in autumn…(并板书上)

T: Look atthis picture. What season is it? Do you know? 

S1:It iswinter.      

T: Yes. Ilike winter. Do you like winter? Why? Because… 并将 “why”和“because”些在黑板上,说明意思,并带领学生读。

S:Ilike winter, because I can make snowman.

T:What  else?

S:I likeSpring Festival.    

T: Read after me “why”“because”.      


T: Can you spell it?     

Ss: “w-h-y” “b-e-c-a-u-s-e”      

T: Can you make a sentence with thesewords?      

S2: I like summer. Why? Because I likethe summer holiday.


(2) T: Let’s listen to the tape. Thenplease answer the questions.     

a. Why does Li Ming like winter?     

b. What is Li Ming’s favorite season?  播放录音  

T: OK, stop here. Have you got theanswer? Who can tell me? 



T: Are theyright? Yes. Now please read after the radio. 

(3).T: Please read part1 with your group. Then please show yourteam in front of the class.

4. Conclusion.

Today welearned “why”  because” .Everyone  can say what season do you like best? Make achart about every season, you can write the weather and  the things in every season.




春节                         新树叶                

种树                   在海洋里游泳                       





1.What ,you, like, do, to, do, winter, in(?)

________________________________________, favorite, what ,your ,season (?)


3.going, play, to, I ,am. outside, go, to,play(.)


4.take ,I, spring, in ,off, winter, my,clothes(.)




1.The boys are                  (放风筝)inthe park.

2.I like to         (游泳)inthe             .(海洋)

3.Whats your            ?(最喜欢的季节)

4.I love             .(跑步)

5.These are             .(新树叶)


6. Homework   

Afterclass, please do a report about “What is your favorite class?” Then write it onyour paper.          


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